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Per State of Hawaii and Federal Guidelines, we will continue to operate with additional procedures and policies implemented. The health of everyone during home inspections is our top priority.

Recent Implemented Policy and Procedure changes amidst COVID-19:

  • We're asking clients to not attend their home inspection(s).  Normally we're ok with client(s) attendanding but, due to social distancing, we're asking clients to stay at home and instead have a phone call with their inspector, at the end of the inspection, to go over the findings of the inspection. This is to help prevent anyone from exposure to COVID-19, including occupants residing in the property being inspected.

  • If a client persists in attending the home inspection, we require a ten-foot distance from our inspector at all times, and to wear a face mask.

  • If anyone who attends the home inspection shows symptoms relating to COVID-19 we will reschedule the inspection.

Temporary Procedures that our inspectors will observe and follow while performing a home inspection:

  • The inspector will wear a face mask during the inspection.

  • The inspector will perform regular hand sanitizing.

  • The inspectors will carry a towel for drying their hands during the inspection.

  • The inspector will not shake hands or fist bump any clients or agents.

  • Inspectors will maintain a ten-foot distance from all clients.

  • If client(s) does not attend the home inspection, the inspector will email a full report within 24-48 hrs. of the inspection.


Because of the closings of schools, WE WILL NOT PERFORM A HOME INSPECTION if a minor (<18 yrs. old) is home without any adult present. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us ASAP.

J1 Home Inspections, LLC

Phone: 808-220-8547

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